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Hello! My name is Mariko the founder of “Matcha and Forest”. I was born and raised in Japan, then after much travel decided to settle in Australia where I have created a life for myself. I have a wonderful family and two beautiful daughters, but it was time for me to start up my own project! That has led me to this, a brand that will offer ceremonial grade Matcha powder while making a difference to the natural environment for future generations.

Matcha is something I grew up with and it was always a big part of my traditional life in Japan. After a long hiatus I thought it was time to renew my relationship with this wonderful organic product and bring my version of Matcha to the world! 

Over the years I have experienced all varieties of Matcha, from many sources, and that has put me in a great position to select a grade of Matcha that I believe all my customers can enjoy and fall in love with. 

Taking the road back to my native homeland, I have sourced my silky smooth Matcha powder from the ancient city of Kyoto, in my mind the traditional birthplace of Japanese Matcha. 

Here at Matcha and Forest we believe that building for the future is important, so as I mentioned before, part of the purpose of this project is to give back to nature. For every order placed on we will be planting a tree with our charity partner. In time I hope to make a real difference with your help! Let’s plant a forest together!