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Why is Matcha & Forest so special?

1. Location : Uji 
Our matcha comes from Uji as known as the best tea cultivation place in Japan.
The history of tea cultivation in Uji started about 800 years ago. Due to perfect natural condition such as soil and landform to grow tea, Uji expanded and developed tea cultivation over the centuries. By the end of the 19th century, Uji was by far the best tea cultivation and production place in Japan.


2. Organic 
Certified by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards of Organic Products) and grown without using any pesticides or conventional fertiliser. Our tea farmer took effort in time and cost to improve the quality of soil for the greatest matcha. They put extra care to prevent from pests daily bases until the leaves are picked.  

3. Growing method
One of the key factors of making high quality matcha is shading tea plantations under cover for 3-4 weeks before harvesting. This process increases amount of L-theanine, the main source of Umami which defines the quality and grade of matcha. And that gives matcha greener and brighter colour and more of umami flavour. 


3. First Flush 
Our matcha is only used first flush, the first youngest leaves of the year. That means the highest amount of nutrients you can get.
During winter, tea buds hibernate for months, and all the nutrients such as L-theanine are stored inside the tea buds. First flush matcha has 3x more L-theanine compare to second flush. If you have ever tasted bitter matcha, your matcha was probably not used first flush. High quality matcha from first flush has complex umami flavour and less bitterness. 


4. Steaming process
Carefully picked youngest leaves are immediately steamed to prevent from its oxidising. This is one of the most important processes to make beautiful bright green colour and beautiful complex flavour.


5. Stone milled
Our matcha is ground slowly by stone-mills which are carefully adjusted by artisans.
In order to make 40g of matcha powder, it takes about 1 hour of grinding with the mill. It is a slow process but that makes our matcha super fine and gives you silky smooth texture when you sip.🍵


6. Artisanal techniques 
Our matcha is carefully selected and blended by Kyoto tea master who has so many experiences and techniques that were inherited from generation to generation for over 250 years. That is why our matcha has the most delicate but complex flavour that you will fall in love with.